As Trump pointed out…where does it stop? Answer, it doesn’t. This isn’t about The Civil War, slavery, racism, etc. It’s simply about the left being incited and funded by George Soros and the left wing MSM to regain power and control.It’s all politics, PERIOD! They cannot accept the fact that they lost last November and are desperately trying to delegitimize the results of the election and silence your voice. These miscreants wouldn’t know or bother to read a history book even if it hit them in the head. They could care less about the Civil War, slavery and racism…..It’s been a negative part of our history for the past 250 years and now all of a sudden it’s an issue and upsets and bothers them? No, it’s just an excuse for the snowflakes and their affiliates in the ANTIFA and Black Lives Matter to take to the streets and cause mayhem. It takes two to fight and the left wing hate group came ready for conflict in their ninja outfits, helmets, and baseball bats. Their intentions and protests were far from peaceful and they are just as culpable as the neo- Nazis/White Nationalists for causing the riot like they did at Berkeley, other college campuses,Trump campaign rallies, and Ferguson, Missouri.
These statues and parks were there when Obama was POTUS and before him. Why weren’t they removed then? It’s because it’s a false movement that’s why.