All my life I have let fear paralyze me and because of it I missed out on a lot of wonderful opportunities.
I remember in school I would be so scared to even speak in public, that I would cross my fingers praying that the teacher wouldn’t pick on me to answer a question. Because of it I missed out on learning things because I was too busy worrying about being picked on. Have you had that experience?
I remember not joining any sports, because I was terrified to travel to away games and be out of my familiar surroundings. Because of it, I missed out on being a part of a team. Have you experienced that?
I remember not having play dates, because I was too afraid that I wouldn’t be accepted by the other kids. I missed out on opportunities to build friendships. Have you experienced that?
I remember not going to school dances or functions, because I was too afraid that I wouldn’t know how to dance and people would make fun of me. I missed out on the opportunity to have a good time and enjoy my friendships. Have you experienced that?
Enough is enough! I’m not letting fear hold me back anymore! Instead I’m letting it motivate me! I know now that success is on the other side of fear. In order to be successful you need to conquer your fears!
So what fears are paralyzing you? Time to conquer them and see what’s on the other side! Maybe you’re afraid to accept my invitation to start your own health journey. Maybe you’re afraid that you won’t succeed. Maybe you’re afraid that you won’t have the motivation to continue. Maybe you’re afraid to let others down. If you have a health and fitness goal to be healthier, stronger, physically, mentally and spiritually, don’t let FEAR paralyze you! I’ll be here to help you every step of the way. I’ll be here to motivate you, encourage you, support you and hold you accountable. I will never judge you, laugh at you or belittle you.
I will only Build You Up!☝
I will only show you love!❣
So that your confidence will be stronger than ever! So that you feel on top of the world! So that you will succeed! So that you will crush all your fears!
Please put your faith in God and know that he had brought you to me so that I can help you! Please message me if you would like my help with getting fit and healthy!