Alchemical Reflections on the film Arrival

Alchemical Reflections on the film Arrival
As most of us know, our world and all of its species hangs by a thread with the threat of annihilation. Jung saw this, felt this, knew this and addresses the reality from the depths of the psyche throughout his writing. It is the seminal foundation of Jung’s work with alchemy, as he illuminates the depths of the transmutations needed and possible for new consciousness to emerge.
Namely the film, as a collective dream, brilliantly portrays many levels of the alchemical transmutations our world direly needs for survival:
1. The sick context of our non-cohesive world today with each country’s defense structures (literally and psychologically) aimed at each other and ready to respond independently to the threat of “the other” with mass chaotic destruction and violence;
2. This world reality is brought to a head as potential contact with “the great other,” with the numinous, emerges full of danger and possibility; ( In the film this is portrayed as contact with unknown “Heptapod” aliens, reminiscent of Jung’s deep psychological interest in UFO phenomenon.) The film also portrays:
3. The stretch into the unknown, the grace we feel as danger transforms (in the hands of our heroine and the alien other) into discovery of a new mutual communion where human consciousness expands and transforms;
4. Between the bound in time and the eternal, the transcendent function transforms ordinary consciousness beyond time space coordinates, (first depicted as the sentence structure in the linear conception of consciousness, and transforms in the heroine’s hands, into the circle of past-present-future in the now as perspectives mutually informing one another other);
5. A universal language of the heart emerges (no longer the Tower of Babel mythic problem) and unites all beings in this new potential that brings the ability to navigate the warring of opposites differently from these changes in consciousness at the INDIVIDUAL and COLLECTIVE levels.
6. The stretch of the transcendent bridge between ordinary human consciousness and ” the great other” creates a transmutation our world direly needs.
The potential outcome living as a possibility in the field of the imagination is writ large across the screen and into our psyches as we take it in.
Importantly the “other” here is pictured as heptapod aliens/ UFO phenomenon, yet is also relatedly known in various traditions that connect with the psychoidal mysteries as the primordial Divine Anthropos, the Ally, Khidr, Atman Cadmus, and so on…
In contact with this “other”, human consciousness grows the capacity to become more fully human and to transcend political cultural identifications and both psychological and literal war/weapon defense strategies.
What emerges is the gift of transcendent communion with resonant new unity intra-psychically and intersubjectively among humans and the “other” in a subtle body permeating field whose language is love.
As the genius of this film and our own dreams and visions intimate, hands from “both worlds” are currently working on these possibilities.

17 thoughts on “Alchemical Reflections on the film Arrival”

  1. Oh what a lovely gift this is! I hope you don’t mind that I shared it. 🙂
    So many of my friends loved the film, and it was like watching a beautiful dream for me.

  2. This film resonates so deeply as the vision emerging from our own growing consciousness, ushered into humanity in no small part through the courage and brilliance of great souls both passed over and present among us.

    As you say, so beautifully, every powerful story of global transcendence entering into the public psyche at this critical time has profound generative potential. We are our stories in ways important to understand.

    Thank you for continuing to spark our awareness and nurture our connection to the universal language and embodiment of love.

  3. This is great, thanks Monika. I loved this film and I’ve thought about it a lot. I’ve been using it as a metaphor with my clients to help me describe what happens when you learn the “alien language” of symbols in a tarot deck or the meanings of the symbols of astrology. You learn the symbolic language and it transforms your consciousness. These languages speak in images and images are close to that intuitive territory in the psyche where helpful messages that live outside of time can be heard.

  4. I LOVED this film…haunting, ambiguous…mysterious and stirring at the deepest level of at least my psyche…thanks for this Monika…<3

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