A. Hooper Photography
The heat on this day was immense. I had come down with a fever the night before and I was unsure if it was possibly Dengue. Compounded with the incredible humidity, I was struggling. It was however one of my last days in a region that had really become a place of wonder for me. I didn’t want to waste even a moment ‘resting’, so out I went into the heat. I nearly capsized the long tail boat, these razor thin wooden vessels are difficult to maneuver into on the sharpest of days, not to mention on a day when I was dizzy just standing still. I managed, and off we went. Up the lake we cruised on 

10 days itinerary in myanmar 

myanmaritinerary10days.com , the long tails motor at full throttle and full volume felt like a slegde hammer on my unwell head. A couple hours of motoring up the lake, we reached our spot. This was a village that was famous for two things, green tomatoes and a very sought after cracker-like bread that was made only by a few households in all of Myanmar. First stop was tomato land. Here a group of lovely ladies sat crosslegged in giant piles of tomatoes, only their little heads peaking above the massive mountains of the little green orbs. One of my favorite smells on this planet, is that of fresh tomato vines, ripe tomatoes and the luscious green tomatoes that were the bounty here on this day. The women sat with their respective piles, deftly and skillfully separating the tomatoes by color and ripeness. It was a joy to watch them work, smiling and giggling through the oppressive heat of midday. I almost forgot my fever for a moment, lost in the goings on of the grand room full of the freshest green tomatoes. As I was about to leave, the proprietor of the building came walking through with his great grandson and heir-apparent. One day this will all be his I suppose. His little head taking it all in. He sure looks interested in the tomato business, doesn’t he 🙂
Tomato Warehouse
Inle Lake Village, Central Shan State, Myanmar
April, 2017
Sony a7rii