✔️Go to college
✔️Earn a degree
✔️Get a job
✔️Start a career
✔️Get married
✔️Start a family
Does that sound familiar to you? It’s the tried and true path of success, right? It’s what we are all lead to believe.
So, I’ve checked all those things off my life’s to do list…Now what??? Well, I know that I WANT MORE!
MORE TIME! Time freedom…to enjoy my girls and my husband without time restrictions. To support that I need financial freedom.
And, I want to BE what I promised myself as a little girl. To be my own BOSS. To inspire others to go after their own dreams, whatever that may be.
That’s WHY I chose #GetItGirlBoss as my business name. It’s a statement and encouragement to myself to never quit, to never give up, to keep pushing. It’s okay to WANT MORE! Because I should have thought bigger much sooner.
That’s WHY I said YES to joining Dr. Katie Rodan and Dr. Kathy Fields, with their #2 premium skincare company in the US, Rodan + Fields. They’ve only been in direct sales since 2008, and have had tremendous growth and are just beginning their global expansion. There is a lot of growth potential here and I’m fully confident that this company will be in as many countries as Proactiv one day. It will take time and effort, as all things do, but in 10 years from now, I’m confident that I’ll look back on this time and be glad I joined when I did!