Very clear piece by Martin Hall on Keir Starmer’s refashioning of Labour’s Brexit position announced in the Observer over the bank holiday weekend

Very clear piece by Martin Hall on Keir Starmer's refashioning of Labour's Brexit position announced in the Observer over the bank holiday weekend. I'd underscore or make a couple of points: 1) The campaign for a left Leave vote last year was modest (as was every intervention by the socialist left in the referendum). But it was outward going. It did bring a welcome of unity of purpose among people on the left from various traditions, thus making a positi...

Vietnam Bike Tours Travel With Your Wheel

 What can you do for a day in Hoi An to make your trip memorable? DanaTravel would like to share the article "One day discover Hoi An disability" will suggest you activities extremely interesting so you do not have a headache on your schedule   Hoi An is an attractive tourist destination of Central Vietnam. On the same day experience Hoi An all discover the wonderful things in this small but peaceful old town! It is only a small town but there

I know there are a lot if you who are wondering about Kellen

I know there are a lot if you who are wondering about Kellen! He’s doing so good!! This morning was a little rough with a few issues but he quickly got better! He’s been holding down fluids well!! And the biggest answer to prayer is that he’s had NO pain meds since surgery! PTL for no pain!! We were hoping to come home today but it’s not looking likely to happen now that it’s so late in the afternoon. He will need more X-Rays done at the Drs office before

Tv Prog on now about Sex Robots

Tv Prog on now about Sex Robots and one lass argues it promotes misogyny as the dolls available now are ment to look like and are based on Porn Stars. Surely, if something is created for the proper creeps out there that have uncrontrollable urges and take advantage of others, then give them it and let them get on with it? One boy lives with 3 dolls, takes them to sit by the river n that, talking to them.All you need is a little creativity for Zazzle to h

Sapa Vietnam tours

 SaPa Travel is an intriguing tour that can not be missed by both domestic and foreign visitors, with many beautiful landscapes, and cool weather throughout the year. Created a fanciful, gentle in the early morning with very distinct features that are no where to be.   We are always proud to host SaPa tours as well as other northern tours. With the experience of organizing tours for many years, together with a team of professional staff, we are committed

Myanmar vacations

HAPPY THANKSGIVING God of mercy, love and favor, bless this day. Bless us with joy, laughter, peace and thanksgiving. Bless the table we gather around. Bless the road we travel to Myanmar vacations. Remind us to share love and our blessings with a stranger in need. We are grateful and thankful to see this day. Let there be no bad news. Shine your face upon us. Be gracious to us and give us your peace in Jesus' name Amen...

Trek Mai Chau to Pu Luong

Today’s TOP PICK for the Black Friday sale? This $98 necklace for $19.99. What?! Spoil your sister, your SIL or your bestie this trek Mai Chau to Pu Luong with Vietnam Decouverte. (and, shhh...we won't tell her that you got this for a steal!) comment below for personal concierge service or shop the link!

Tour Pu Luong Retreat from Hanoi

"Whether to give thanks or to be with your family, you should learn how this Tour Pu Luong Retreat from Hanoi with Vietnam Decouverte this vacation was established in the first place." Watch until the end. Wondering when America will start teaching the real history behind Thanksgiving

Pu Luong Ecolodge

I mean if you needed more than one reason ♀️ 1. Your Business Kit is a tax write off for 2017!! 2. Give R+F gifts, either from your business kit or use your Consultant discount, they’re also a tax write off for 2017! 3. Get a pay check before and after the Pu Luong Ecolodge tour to help with expenses. 4. The SPARK Program is happening now! Earn $1,000+ BONUS in addition to your pay checks in your first 3...

Traditional Villages in The North

    Next to the center of Tam Coc - Bich Dong tourist resort is the village of Van Lam embroidery village (Ninh Hai - Hoa Lu). Not know embroidery village has ever since, but according to people, the embroidery profession appeared in Van Lam thousands of years ago. It is said that under the Tran Dynasty, the king was stationed in this area, and Empress Tran Thi Dung himself had opened embroideries to teach people in the area, and the profession was han